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Question – How much does a chimney cowl cost?

Answer – Your Chimney Cowls from Chimney Cowl Products range from £20.00 – £150.00 + and is very much dependant on your specific requirements.

Question – Do I need a Chimney Cowl?

Answer – The use and development of the functionality and use of the Chimney Cowl has developed over the many years. There is no requirement to fit a Chimney Cowl however, there are many benefits to fitting a chimney cowl to your Chimney Flue.

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We truly believe that we have a Chimney Cowl or Disused Chimney Cap for everyone.

Our superb range of Aluminium or Stainless Steel round and square cowls are available in a variety of colours too – Natural Silver finish, Terracotta, Black and Buff Stone.

Ordering online could not be easier, please simple select your desired product and follow our quick and secure checkout procedure.

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