Our Disused Chimney Caps are the best Chimney Caps Available. Our Disused Chimney Cap also referred to the C-Cap is available in both Terracotta and Buff Stone finish and comes complete with a free Chimney Cap Bees Mesh.

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Standard Disused Chimney Cap – 300mm

CHIMNEY548 £28.00 £22.49

Standard Square Disused Chimney Cap – Strap Fixing

CHIMNEY742 From £27.60 From £22.60

Standard Chimney Capper – Strap Fixing

CHIMNEY747 From £18.20

Chimney Capping Cowl – Strap Fixing

CHIMNEY787 £24.99

Eco Disused Chimney Cap – Strap Fixing


Disused Chimney Cap with Bird Spikes

From £33.50

Large Disused Chimney Cap – 350mm


Standard Chimney Cap 300mm – Pack of 10


Large Chimney Capper – Strap Fixing

From £49.20
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