Chimney Cowl Products Guide and Glossary, Chimney Cowl Products Guide and Glossary, Chimney Cowl Products

Over the years we have been proud to distribute our range of Chimney Cowls, Chimney Flue Liners and Disused Chimney Caps throughout the United Kingdom, Ireland and Europe. We have put together a glossary of questions and answers form over the many years and hope this is a guide to helping you.

Chimney Cowl Products Guide and Glossary

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Do I need to fit a Chimney Cowl? The use and development of the functionality and use of the Chimney Cowl has developed over the many years. There is no requirement to fit a Chimney Cowl however, there are many benefits to fitting a chimney cowl to your Chimney Flue.
Chimney Cowls can help with Chimney Draw. We have Chimney Cowls specifically designed Chimney Cowls to help improve the functionality of the Chimney. We have experienced questions with issues where their Chimney isn’t performing and smoke for their fire is filling their room.


Our superb range of spinning and rotating Chimney Cowls can significantly help with issues experienced with the lack of draw in your chimney.


So powerful is this action of the H Cowl that gusts of wind blowing through the air shafts produce an up-draught equal to about 30% of the velocity of the gusts. In normal weather, the ‘Super H’ Cowl Cowl possessing four outlets to the atmosphere improves any sluggish updraught.

Only the genuine ‘Super H’ Pot and Cowl has the exclusive design, which converts downdraught into an updraught — no matter how strong or gusty the wind may be.


Chimney Cowls to help downdraught. Downdraught in a chimney is an issue we experience the most from our customers. In some windy conditions downdraught can be a major problem and fumes from your fire can be sent back down your flue pipe/Chimney and fill your room.


We have a range of market leading Chimney Cowls which will help prevent anti-downdraught and in some instances are manufactures are confident that we have cowls that can solve downdraught altogether.



Chimney Cowls to help prevent rain entering the Chimney. If your Chimney is functioning and there are no issues relating to up draught or downdraught you may simply wish to protect your chimney from the wind, rain and freeze/thaw cycle.


Our range of stand chimney cowls have been fitted to thousands and thousands of buildings throughout the UK and Europe including some well-known television station buildings, including the BBC (British Broadcasting Corporation).

Prevent Birds and Animals from entering your Chimney Have you ever experienced problems with animals and vermin entering your Chimney/Flue? If the answer is yes then you may wish to prevent this happening again with our cost effective range of Chimney Cowls.

The cost, disruption and inconvenience of removing an animal from your flue often far outweighs the fitting of one of our Chimney Cowls.

What type of Chimney Cowl Should I Choose We believe that we have a Chimney Cowl for your every need. Our range of Chimney Cowls are suitable for all fuel types including Solid Fuel, Gas, Oil and Smokeless Fuel.


We have carefully chosen our Multipurpose range of Chimney Cowls and at times can often be what you believe will be the most aesthetic and best looking cowl for your Chimney Pot.

Chimney Cowl Colours We have a great range of Chimney Cowls available in many colours – Natural Finish (Silver), Terracotta Finish, Buff Stone Finish (sandy colour) and Black Finish.
Disused Chimney Caps If you Chimney is redundant and you wish to protect your chimney from animals and the freeze and thaw cycle then fitting a Disused Chimney Cap is the perfect solution. Disused Chimney Caps can be fitted within minutes. Please select the following link to view our fitting instructions video.
Fitting of a Chimney Cowl or Disused Chimney Cap Please select the following link to view our Chimney Cowl Products step by step guide to choosing and fitting your Chimney Cap and Chimney Cowl


  1. Ryan Scott September 12, 2020

    Does the chimney cap with spikes act as a chimney cap like the C-cap and will it’s fit over 320mm pot? On your website does it also include the strap in the order?

    1. admin September 12, 2020

      Hi Ryan, this Chimney Cap with bird spikes will fit onto a standard round chimney pot 150mm to 250 mm internal diameter (6″ to 10″). The Strap Fixing is included with your order.

      Please select the following link to return to the products

      Chimney Cap with Bird Spikes


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