Downdraught in a chimney is an issue we experience the most from our customers. In some windy conditions downdraught can be a major problem and fumes from your fire can be sent back down your flue pipe/Chimney and fill your room.

Chimney Cowl Products Anti Down Draught Chimney Cowls. Available in Terracotta, Buff Stone, Black or Natural Finish.

We have chosen our range of Anti Down Draught Chimney Cowls so that we ensure that no matter what the wind direction or strength, your flue or chimney is protected from downdraught and in most instances are manufactures are confident that we have cowls that can solve downdraught altogether.

Chimney Cowls to Prevent Wind Noise

Chimney Cowls offer a number of features to aid your chimney’s performance. Our great range of Anti-downdraught Chimney Cowls below can help provide a solution to preventing wind entering the chimney.

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Colt Top 2 Chimney Cowl – Static Multifuel Anti-down Draught Cowl

CHIMNEY288 £66.22 From £34.99

Colt Top Chimney Cowl – Suitable for All Fuel Types

CHIMNEY285 £47.00

All Purpose Multi fuel Anti Downdraught Chimney Cowl – Strap Fixing

CHIMNEY427 £45.00

Colt Top 2 Chimney Cowl – Multifuel Anti-down Draught Cowl

CHIMNEY288-1 £66.22 £34.99

Stainless Steel Traditional ‘Super H’ Cowl

CHIMNEY221 From £97.00

Colt Top Flex Anti Downdraught Chimney Liner Cowl

CHIMNEY758 From £57.00

Brewer UFO Mark II Chimney Cowl – Strap Fixing

CHIMNEY3 From £59.99 From £38.25

Flue Cube Chimney Cowl – Built for Stoves


Colt Anti Downdraught Chimney Cowl


Large Size Chimney Cowl

£144.00 £133.00

Brewer Aerodyne Chimney Cowl – Strap Fixing

From £42.00

Junior Terracotta Chimney Cowl – Bolt Fixing


Brewer UFO Anti Downdraught Chimney Liner Cowl


Junior Chimney Cowl – Bolt Fixing

From £32.99

Junior Terracotta Cowl – Strap Fixing


Anti Downdraught Chimney Liner Cowl

From £55.00
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