Hello, my name is Paul and we would like to welcome you to Chimney Cowl Products.

We are a family run business and we have been dispatching our great range of Chimney Cowls, Disused Chimney Caps, Flue Liners and Accessories throughout the United Kingdom and Ireland to tens of thousands customers for over 15 years.

We are all involved including my 6 year old daughter who helps stick dispatch labels onto your orders.

We have a Chimney Cowl for your every need, Solid Fuel, Gas, Oil, Coal and Smokeless Fuel and all available in a variety of colours, sizes and shapes too including our hugely popular Square Chimney Cowl range.

Ordering online could not be easier. Please add your desired Chimney Cowl to your basket and follow our secure checkout procedure.

That’s it, we will do the rest and often its next day delivery too.

We would like to extend our huge amount of appreciation to our manufacturing department and courier service who have worked and remain to work tirelessly throughout Covid-19 ensuring that your order reach you as timely as possible.

Thank you again.

Best wishes


Chimney Cowl Products

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