Question – How easy is it to Cap a Disused Chimney?

Answer – Capping your disused Chimney is very straight forward. We have been providing our customers our great range of Disused Chimney Caps for over 15 years and have both Round and Square Chimney Caps available.

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  1. admin August 29, 2020

    hi ya
    I have 2 chimney’s that i need to close now.

    These are unused fires, so i have them closed off in the rooms, so i need to protect from birds and rain/wasps

    The are both 9 inch diameter circular chimney with only 3 inchs to the capping for outside lower fitting.

    The 2 are side by side, and sharing the same chimney breast, so they are 26 inchs in width in total for both chimney’s .

    Can I use this 2 of these, as they are its 280mm (11 inches) for its diameter ??


    1. admin August 29, 2020

      Hi, thank you for your recent email – Our Disused Chimney Cap would be suitable and ideal for your purpose.

      They have been our best and remain our best selling disused Chimney Caps for over 15 + years

      Best wishes



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