Short Chimney Problems

If you have installed a Wood Burning Stove and have a Short Chimney Flue there is a very good chance that you will suffer downdraught from your Chimney and your Stoves will not be functioning properly.

Downdraught’s occur when smoke billows back down the chimney and into your room.

This is a common occurrence associated with short chimneys on bungalows, conservatories, single storey extensions, chimneys situated below the roof line or even glamping accommodation.

Chimney Cowl Products Solution

We are pleased to have recently introduce the FlueCube Chimney Cowl to our range.

The cause of downdraught is often related to wind direction and strength, trees, architecture or atmospheric pressure caused by mountains or valleys. Short chimneys can be more vulnerable to these external factors, so you need to take action rather then risk being smoked out or having to opening all the windows on a winter’s day.

The FlueCube of which is built for Stoves will solve these problems. It does this by creating a positive draw through the flue system, stabilising the burn within the stove and thus enabling the stove to perform (burn) at a much greater efficiency consuming a larger amount of black carbon (soot) then would previously be possible. The FlueCube also enables stoves to be installed in areas of low pressure and thermal disturbance (normally restrictive for stoves).

Purchasing Your FlueCube

The British manufactured Flue Cube is the UK’s most effective problem-solving chimney cowl, offering value-for-money by improving and completing your stove experience. It is guaranteed to work and to last.

The FlueCube will fit onto a standard round Chimney Pot or Twin Wall System with an internal diameter between 127mm to 150mm (5” to 6”)

FREE Delivery is available from Chimney Cowl Products on all Flue Cubes.

Please select the following link to order securely online and upon receipt of your order we will process with an immediate effect.

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