Chimney Cowls in Exposed Locations

Exposed Location Chimney Cowls

We recently wrote about how effective our range of Chimney Cowls are within exposed locations. Its always great to hear from our customers in regards to their success stories in relation to the fitting of a Chimney Cowl from our range and of course the successful outcome.

We are pleased to have dispatched one of our Colt Top All Purpose Chimney Cowls to a customer in the Scottish West Highlands and very pleased to have received the following email.

Hi Paul, picture of installed cowl on cottage in exposed location in West Highlands as discussed. Installation very straightforward and I am confident it will be very effective. It is slightly on a tilt due to slight damage to top of chimney pot.

Thanks for your excellent service.

Best regards,


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  1. admin August 29, 2020

    Hi there, i was wondering if you could give me some advice regarding Chimney Cowls, as not sure which is the best one to get. We have a multi-fuel stove and burn mixed Ovoids and sometimes a little wood. I mainly want to get a cowl to prevent rain water coming down the chimney.

    My only concern is, although we live in a bungalow, it can get quite windy and a bit exposed to the elements.

    So not sure what would be the best Cowl ?

    Many thanks for your help

    1. admin August 29, 2020

      Hi, please select the following link – we have recently also sold this cowl to a customer in the Scottish Highlands –

      We supply the Colt Top All Purpose Chimney Cowl with both a Both fixing and Strap Fixing which will ensure that the cowl remains in situ. This Cowl is also hard-wearing and very durable.

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