Chimney Cowl Products and the Ban of Wet Wood and Coal and the use of Smokeless Fuel

With the UK Governments pledge that from February 2021 the ban of sale of Coal and Wet Wood for the use in house fires will be enforced as a a bid to curb particulate matter (PM) emissions.

Question – Do we need to ‘Putout’ our Home Fires and Wood Burning Stoves?

So where does this leave our ‘Cosy’ open fires and wood-burning stoves of which are the heart of many homes up and down the country?

Answer – No, its a change in the fuel we use is the solution

Chimney Cowl Products have been working alongside our manufactures to ensure that our range of Chimney Cowls are geared up for this Government Change.

There is no need for people to stop burning solid fuels but its about burning the right products to tackle air pollution which provides the solution. This measure does not mean the end of cosy fires  or your wood burning stove but a change in which the fuel we use, “Smokeless fuel and dried wood is the solution.

Smokeless or Dried Wood Fuels

Consumers need to switch to cleaner smokeless fuels or dried wood which is also reported to be 30% more efficient than coal. DEFRA research has shown that these fuels burn longer and have a higher heat output so are more cost effective than coal or wet wood.

By switching to dried wood or smokeless fuels consumers can reduce PM2.5 emissions by 80%. This provides a real alternative so people can continue to enjoy an open fire or use a wood burning stove with very significantly reduced air quality impact.

Stainless Steel Chimney Cowls

There is no immediate rush to panic or change your Chimney Cowl however, if you currently have a Aluminium Chimney Cowl installed we would recommend changing your Chimney Cowl to our Stainless Steel Versions within the coming months/years and or in conjunction with your switch to Smokeless or dried wood fuels.

The reason for the need to update your Chimney Cowl simply relates to the higher temperature and output of Smokeless fuel. Whilst the additional and more effective heat given off from this fuel will be rewarding to the comfort of your home it will impact on he life expectancy of your Chimney Cowl. Purchasing or exchanging your Chimney Cowl to our Stainless Steel versions will increase the durability of your Chimney Cowl.

Chimney Cowl Products Superb Stainless Steel Range

We have a superb range available and please simply select the following link to view our Stainless Steel Chimney Cowls. Delivery is often next day too.

Junior Natural Finish Chimney Cowl from chimney Cowl Products - Strap Fixing

Junior Natural Finish Chimney Cowl

Colt All Purpose Chimney Cowls

Colt All Purpose Chimney Cowls

Brewer Chimney Cowl Bird and Rain Guard - High Top

Brewer Chimney Cowl Bird and Rain Guard

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