Chimney Cowl Products Bird Guards

Over the years we have now sold in excess of 4,500 units of this Standard Rain Chimney Cowl and this is increasing daily. It is a fantastic affordable Chimney Cowl and from a customer’s perspective wishing to purchase a Bird Guard and Cowl to Prevent Rain entering the Chimney then I would look no further.

From a commercial perspective we get very few issues and even less repeat customers for this chimney cowl which is a testament to its brilliance. This is an exceptional cowl at a great price all so.

We stock and supply our customers with the “Letter Box” style mesh which makes this Chimney Rain Cowl fit for All PurposeGas, Oil and Solid Fuel use.

If you are burning a more corrosive fuel for example smokeless fuel we would recommend purchasing our Stainless Steel Bird Guard which is a lot more durable than the Aluminium Cowl.

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