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Standard Disused Chimney Cap – 300mm

CHIMNEY548 £25.00 £21.49

Chimney Bird and Rain Guard Cowl – Strap Fixing

CHIMNEY287 From £35.94 From £24.99

Standard Square Disused Chimney Cap – Strap Fixing

CHIMNEY742 From £27.60 From £22.60

Standard Chimney Rain Cowl and Bird Guard – Strap Fixing

CHIMNEY40 £29.99

Colt High Top Chimney Cowl and Bird Guard

CHIMNEY760 From £34.99

Square Bird and Rain Guard Cowl – Strap Fixing

CHIMNEY401 From £32.00

Decorative Chimney Bird Guard | Jackdaw Guard


Standard Chimney Capper – Strap Fixing

CHIMNEY747 From £18.20

Brewer UFO Mark II Chimney Cowl – Strap Fixing

CHIMNEY3 From £59.99 From £38.25

Colt Top Chimney Cowl – Suitable for All Fuel Types

CHIMNEY285 £47.00

Chimney Capping Cowl – Strap Fixing

CHIMNEY787 £19.99

Stainless Steel Traditional Super H Cowl

CHIMNEY221 From £97.00

Crown Pot Chimney Cowl

CHIMNEY791 From £88.00

Brewer UFO Anti-Downdraught Square Cowl


All Purpose Multi fuel Anti Downdraught Chimney Cowl – Strap Fixing

CHIMNEY427 £49.99

Large Chimney Cowl and Bird Guard

CHIMNEY790 £74.99
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