Introducing the Colt Top Chimney Cowl – the ultimate solution for your chimney-related concerns. Whether you’re dealing with downdraught issues, rainwater infiltration, or the need to enhance your chimney’s efficiency, this high-quality product has got you covered.

Key Features:

Efficient Wind Response: The Colt Top All Purpose Chimney Cowl, with its unique rounded shape, is designed to excel in all wind conditions. It creates lift in any direction the wind blows, effectively eliminating those pesky downdraught problems that can disrupt your home’s comfort. Say goodbye to unwanted drafts with this impressive cowl.

Rainwater Protection: Besides tackling downdraught, the Colt Top Cowl also acts as a guardian against rainwater. It efficiently channels rain away from the flue, ensuring that your chimney remains dry and free from water entry. This not only prevents messy soot falls but also protects your walls from unsightly stains.

Versatile Fuel Compatibility: The Colt Top All Purpose Chimney Cowl is truly versatile when it comes to fuel types. Whether you’re using gas, solid fuels (with mesh removed for soot prevention), oil fuels, or even those with corrosive properties like Coalite, Furnacite, and anthracite, this cowl can handle it all.

Quality and Durability: Crafted with a painted finish, this cowl boasts exceptional resistance to corrosive fuels, ensuring long-lasting performance. The bomb-proof fitting system ensures that it stays securely in place, providing you with peace of mind.

Wide Compatibility: This cowl is suitable for chimney pots with internal diameters ranging from 125mm to 250mm (5″ to 10″). Its dimensions, standing at 135mm in height and 435mm in width, make it a versatile choice for various chimney types and sizes.

What Our Customers Are Saying:

“Really prompt service, and high-quality product.”
“Sturdy and high-quality product that does what it says and was easy to fit.”
“We are just waiting for the right weather conditions to see if it has fixed our chimney downdraught problems.”
“Exactly as advertised, easy to fit, waiting for bad weather to see if it functions as advertised.”
“A well-made quality product with a bomb-proof fitting system.”
“Not had the gas fire on yet. But hopefully, this unit will stop the draft.”

Don’t let chimney issues disrupt your comfort. Invest in the Colt Top Chimney Cowl today and enjoy a draft-free, rainproof, and efficient chimney experience. With its stellar performance and the endorsement of satisfied customers, you can trust that it will meet your needs. Say goodbye to downdraught and wet chimney issues and welcome a cozy, worry-free home environment.