Why Our Super H Cowl will Cure All Chimney Downdraught, Why Our Super H Cowl will Cure All Chimney Downdraught, Chimney Cowl Products

Our Traditional ‘Super H’ Cowl is designed to ensure that no matter what the wind direction or strength your flue or chimney will be protected from downdraught. As the wind passes down the top of the external parts, it creates a wind flow that exhausts the smoke and fumes out of the lower exits, quite simply brilliant.

So powerful is this action of the H Cowl that gusts of wind blowing through the air shafts produce an up-draught equal to about 30% of the velocity of the gusts. In normal weather, the ‘Super H’ Cowl Cowl possessing four outlets to the atmosphere improves any sluggish updraught.

Only the genuine ‘Super H’ Pot and Cowl has the exclusive design, which converts downdraught into an updraught — no matter how strong or gusty the wind may be.

Our superb range of Traditional ‘Super H’ Cowl are designed for all types of flue and sizes including the appropriate fixing for Chimney Pots, Twin Wall Flue and flexible flue liner fixings.

We also have the option of Powder Coating your Traditional ‘Super H’ Cowl so that your Traditional ‘Super H’ Cowl  will blend in with your Chimney Pot/Flue. Terracotta, Buff STone, Black or Natural (Sliver) colour Super H Cowls are available.

Our Traditional ‘Super H’ Cowl are quite big and you get a lot for your money, especially our larger size H Cowls. They are superb for adding additional height to your Chimney and often used to add extra height to allow for fumes to lift above roof ridges.

Please be aware that due to their size they can occasionally look quite imposing however, if this doesn’t really matter then this is the chimney cowl for you.

Ordering your Traditional ‘Super H’ Cowl could not be easier, please simply select the following link and follow our secure checkout procedure – Buy Now

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