Brewer Aerodyne Chimney Cowl

The Brewer Aerodyne Cowl has been in constant production for about 50 years and has abundantly proven its worth in curing downdraught, showing that the laws of aerodynamics don’t change.

Brewer Aerodyne Cowl - Additional Information

Aluminium Strap Fixing

The Strap Brewer Aerodyne Cowl suits all pots with an external dimension of up to 300mm diameter. The short legs are designed to rest on the lip of the pot and then bend down the inside of the pot. The long legs are dressed down the outside of the pot and secured by means of the stainless steel strap.

Brewer Aerodyne Chimney Cowl - Feedback

Brewer Aerodyne Chimney Cowl - Feedback

Brewer Aerodyne


I recently bought a new cowl from you because we had a terrible down draught problem with our recently installed wood burner. I phoned you up and you recommended any of the anti down draught cowls you sell so I bought the brewer aerodyne. Fitted it this weekend, the first weekend of no rain or wind, took me about two hours at the top of a roof ladder standing on my tip toes to remove the old cowl which was cemented in place, 5 minutes to fit yours. Came down and lit a fire and no down draught! Tonight you can hear the wind whistling through the cowl but no down draft. The log burner (an old villager) is working fantastic now, easy to light and burns very clean.

Thanks very much for your advice on the phone and prompt despatch. I am recommending you to my friends.