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Stefan Waumsley
.1st Peak Chimney Sweeping Services
53 Needham Street

Tel/Fax: 01773 749 903
Mobile: 0797 020 2251
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Stefan Waumsley
.1st Peak Chimney Sweeping Services
53 Needham Street

Tel/Fax: 01773 749 903
Mobile: 0797 020 2251

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.1st Peak Chimney Sweeping Services doesn't only just offer first class chimney sweeping services by brush and VAC to B.S. 6461 standards to both the Derbyshire and Nottinghamshire areas, we also specialise in;

Supply and installation of Catchsmoke firehoods;

Supply and fitting of chimney pots, cowls and bird guards;

Diagnose chimney problems;

Perform general chimney maintenance.

.1st Peak Chimney Sweeping Services are approved suppliers and fitters of 'The Catchsmoke Firehood'. We can quote, supply and install the firehood anywhere throughout the UK.

The Catchsmoke firehood is manufactured from 16G mild steel, shaped and designed to specifically meet the requirements of your fire and fireplace. The Catchsmoke Firehood is guaranteed to take away all of the smoke and reflect the heat of the fire back into the room, the air supply needed by the fire is reduced therefore helping to reduce drafts in the room.

The Catchsmoke firehood is an unrivalled solution to inglenooks and effective for all sizes of fireplace. The firehood is bolted in place making it ideal for listed buildings and can be used on both lined and unlined chimneys. Easy access to the chimney is always maintained making it ideal and easy for the chimney to be swept.

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Why should I get my chimney swept?

Across the country last year over 9000 homes were destroyed by a chimney fire, it is vital that your chimney should be swept in accordance with the table below to help prevent chimney fires from occurring. We must stress that the chances of a chimney fire are minimal providing you don't neglect your flue and burn only the recommended fuels for your appliance. Clean chimneys don't catch fire

What would happen if my chimney caught fire?

There are two types of chimney fires, those that burn explosively and those that burn quietly.

Fires that burn explosively are noisy and are often detected by neighbours or passes by. Dense smoke and flames may appear from the top of the chimney and homeowners often report a low rumbling sound that resembles a low flying aeroplane.

Fires that burn quietly are slow burning as they don't get enough air or fuel to be as dramatic as the more explosive type. The temperatures in which they can reach are very high which can cause damage to the chimney structure and nearby combustible parts of the house.

How do chimney fires damage chimneys?

If a fire should occur in a masonry chimney, due to the very high temperatures they reach, the mortar can melt, tiles can crack, which can cause liners to collapse and damage the outer masonry material of the chimney. Most often mortar is melted and tiles crack and displace allowing a pathway for the flames to reach combustible parts of the house. One chimney fire may not harm a home but the second could burn it down.

What can I do to help prevent a chimney fire?

There are a number of things you can do to help prevent chimney fires.

Ensure your chimney is swept in accordance with the table below.

Use seasoned woods only.

Build small hot fires which burn more completely and produce less smoke.

DON'T burn cardboard boxes, waste paper or Christmas trees!

Use only recommended fuels for your appliance and flue type.

How often should my chimney be swept?

The frequency in which you need your chimney sweeping depends on which type of appliance you are running, please use the table below to ensure your chimney is being swept as often as it should be.

Type of Appliance
Chimney Sweeping Frequency

Once per year if designed for chimney sweeping

Oil Fired:
Once per year

Solid Fuel:
Once per year for smokeless fuel or twice per year for coal

Wood Burning:
Quarterly when in use.

Important information for landlords?

It is the responsibility of the landlord not the tenants to ensure that solid fuel appliances are maintained and the sweeping of chimney flues cannot be delegated to tenants.

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