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The Wind Driven Terminal is a British made revolving cowl designed to eradicate downdraught whilst the rotating action assists ventilation.

The Spinners are available with either the traditional chimney fixing method base or a cap base which makes the product less prone to allowing rain and debris to penetrate the chimney.

Both bases are made for Prime Aluminium Sheet which is less porous than gravity cast bases.

The 12mm diameter centre shaft is made to a very tight tolerance which allows the bearing mechanism inside to run more smoothly and freely, thus giving ultimate draw qualities.

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Q:I am experiencing a lot of wind noise through my chimney. I am in a windy location near the sea and the flue is a newly built straight concrete liner, can you advise a cowl which will solve my problem. The type of heating in place is a wood burner and I have a small amount of smoke when I open the door


Q: Hi can you tell me if the ufo help draw for a open wood fire please.

A: The Brewer UFO Cowl is an Anti Downdraught Cowl and prevent/limits draughts coming down the chimney. A better product for your application would possibly be the Wind Driven Terminal.

Paul Wheeldon
Chimney Cowl Products Administrator