Bespoke Made to Measure Chimney Cowl

Bespoke Chimney Cowls from Chimney Cowl Products – If you are in need of a Bespoke made to measure Chimney Cowl which isn’t currently available we will happily manufacture a Chimney Cowl or Disused Chimney Cap to meet your specifications. We simply just need to know the dimensions of your Chimney, inside and outside diameter, your fuel type if the Chimney is still in use and colour, Terracotta, Buff Stone, Black or Natural finish.

If you are experiencing any issues with your flue in terms of efficiency, please let us know about this as well – Down Draughts or Up Draughts issues.

Upon receipt of your enquiry we will look after the rest. Please simply send your details via our form below.

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Chimney Cowl Products


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