Galvanised Traditional 'OH' Cowl

Galvanised Traditional OH Cowl

Galvanised Traditional 'OH' Cowl


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The Traditional 'OH' Cowl is designed to ensure that no matter what the wind direction or strength the flue or chimney is protected from downdraught. As the wind passes down the top of the external parts, it creates a wind flow that exhausts the smoke and fumes out of the lower exits.

Galvanised Traditional 'OH' Cowl - available sizes above
Made from heavy gauge quality steel completely galvanised after manufacture.
Due to the specific requirement for Chimney Cowls OH Cowl they are manufactured to order to ensure that the Cowl meets your needs - 'H' Chimney Cowls can at times take up to 5 working days which may affect your project deadlines especially when scaffolding/fitting costs need to be taken into consideration - as ever we will do our very best to ensure products ordered from Chimney Cowl Products are with you as timely as possible. We will ensure that we keep you update at all times.
So powerful is this action of the H Cowl that gusts of wind blowing through the air shafts produce an up-draught equal to about 30% of the velocity of the gusts. In normal weather, the ‘O.H.’ Cowl possessing four outlets to the atmosphere improves any sluggish updraught.
Only the genuine ‘O.H.’ Pot and Cowl has the exclusive design, which converts downdraught into an updraught — no matter how strong or gusty the wind may be.
You simply slip the OH cowl into the flue pipe or chimney pot and make the joint airtight. Any space between the sides of the cowl and the inside of the chimney pot or flue must be filled with suitable packing to make sure it is airtight and waterproof.

OH cowls smaller than 175mm (7") internal diamater must only be used on flue pipes not chimney pots unless the pot is lined.

The OH cowl should be positioned so that it faces broadside onto the troublesome wind. It should be as exposed and high as possible.
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Galvanised Traditional 'OH' Cowl

Galvanised Traditional 'OH' Cowl

The cowl looks completely fit for purpose

Galvanised Traditional 'OH' Cowl

Galvanised Traditional 'OH' Cowl

works a treat